Boulder/Denver New-Tech Meetup Feb 2009

The Bounder/Denver New-Tech Meetup for february was excellent, glad I was able to attend.  New this month was a live twitter feed for the all things #bdnt.  Evidently the 350-ish people there (only a few of whom were actually tweeting) managed to push #bdnt into the top 5 trending tags (which reminds me, this twitter tag trend of the superbowl is very cool).  The beer thread was especially entertaining.

This is the 4th BDNT meetup I’ve attended, and mostly they seem to be about startup companies at various stages giving a 5-min spiel about what they’re doing, business model, next steps, etc — so lots of ‘new’, but doesn’t seem to be so much ‘tech’ in the mix.  I’d like to see people just showing off cool technology they’re messing around with.

In that vein, I talked to Robert Reich (BDNT founder) afterward to get his take on the philosophy of the group and such.  It sounds like that kind of pure-tech presentation is welcome, but it does have to pass his bar of interesting for the group.  I did throw out the possibility of talking about what I’m doing with microblogging inside intel, and it could work.  There’s quite a bit to do before I would have enough to show there, but it would be interesting (for me, anyway).  Not that I love to speak publicly, but it would be a great chance to make some connections.