Alibaba OpenGL game project source code

alibaba game project for Stanford cs148

'alibaba' game project for Stanford cs148

I’m working on some OpenGL-based games for Android, so I pulled out code for a project I did for a class at Stanford in 2003 — my first and only game to date.  It was fun to reminisce, and perhaps someone else might have some fun with the code (see below).

From the README, describing the basics of the game:

You control a flying magic carpet, pursuing Ali Baba and his 40
thieves across the desert.  The object is to kill all of the thieves,
by lobbing exploding coconuts at them, before they make it to the
safety of their cave.

And of course this great memory, also from the README:

Just for humor: my two sons (5 & 3) were very fascinated with the
game, anxiously following the development.  One night they were
sitting on my lap actually playing it, when the 5-yr-old puked up all
over my desk, keyboard, red book, laptop, etc (vertigo?)  That was a
bit of a setback :)

The sacrifices we make to bring you great games…

I had to hack the source a bit to build with more recent versions of g++ etc.  I’ve included two tarballs with the full source plus binaries for two platforms:

Enjoy! You’re free to use the code however you want (except to claim it as your own and submit it for another school project)

BTW — Nothing there yet, but I’ll be putting the Android games over on