September 2009

windows change caps lock into a control key

This is old stuff, but I recently had to re-find this:

Change Caps Lock into a Control key: caps_lock_to_control.reg (via

That’s one of the first thing that goes on when I setup WinXP.  I have zero experience with Vista.  I wonder what changes for Win7?


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CowPotato at BDNT

I presented CowPotato at the BDNT meetup in Boulder tonight — it went well except for having no audio for the gameplay video. The crowd seemed to enjoy it all the same. Generated some good laughs, and some good feedback. Too bad I was probably the only Android user in the house…

CowPotato is nowhere near done. We had to rush to finish up a bunch of things to submit to ADC2. We plan to continue polishing it and adding gameplay features over the coming weeks. No plan yet on how / if / when to start charging or otherwise generate some revenue.

And hopefully in the near future I’m going to start putting some content up over on — some additional games, some android tutorials, etc.


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