Go language

Just watched “Another Go at Language Design” by Rob Pike from Google.  I had not heard of the Go language prior to this, and now I’m very intrigued.  The main points that I find interesting:

  • It’s a compiled language for speed, yet flexible Interface mechanism supports a (type-safe) duck-typing style I really miss when doing C/C++/Java
  • Goroutines + channels provide concurrency in the language
  • It’s designed to be good a system-level programming tasks

Admittedly, I’m not enamored with the syntax.  I’ve grown very fond of the aesthetics of Ruby, and Go seems like a big step backward on first impression.

I’ll add that to stack of things to learn more about.  It may be a good fit for upcoming projects…

BTW — I highly recommend the EE380 Computer Systems Colloquium, a weekly lecture series held at Stanford during the academic year.  It’s been a while since I viewed any of the presentations, and this reminded me of the interesting topics they cover.  I hope to be a regular viewer again.