Disable Aero Peek when using x2vnc

I’ve been using VNC and x2vnc to drive my Windows 7 desktop from my linux workstation, so only one keyboard and mouse is needed. It works great except for one major annoyance: when the mouse is not on the Win7 desktop, Windows would hide all active windows, showing the desktop background only.

Thanks to this post by Mario Vilas, I realized this is due to the ‘Aero Peek‘ feature. His approach was to modify x2vnc to provide a work-around. My approach was just to disable Aero Peek: Right click on the taskbar –> Properties –> uncheck “Preview desktop with Aero Peek” in the Taskbar tab.

BTW – I had tried using synergy instead of VNC/x2vnc, but it really didn’t work as well. This was the only problem with the x2vnc solution, but finally that is solved.